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Crumbs From the Table of Joy

Director: Paris Crayton III

Lighting Design: RJ Craig

Programmer: RJ Craig, Ciara Kelley

Production Electrician: RJ Craig

Assistant Production Electrician: Ciara Kelley

Scenic Design: Will Neuert

Sound Design: Sarah Fox

Costume Design: Erin Demcyzsm

TD: Mike Weir

Example designer paperwork included

Details about the design below

Photos: Digital Feast Productions

Crumbs From the Table of Joy was an amazing project to work on, Paris Crayton III's vision was breathtaking and allowed for great collaboration. Movement was important to the piece, and being a memory play we wanted to give the piece an etherial look. Emotion and life and so are important to this piece so I wanted the light to embody how life goes on, and that memory doesn't fade but follows us. This created the idea of surrounding the stage with movement in light. The show contained custom designed and fabricated LED tape diffusion channel that surrounded the entire stage and proscenium, and around 2200 LED pixels. 

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