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Alice In Wonderland

Director: Max Babcock

Lighting Design: RJ Craig

Programmer: RJ Craig

Production Electrician: RJ Craig

Assistant Production Electrician: Bobby Rice

Scenic Design: Mike Weir

Sound Design: Sarah Fox

Costume Design: Erin Demcyzsm

TD: Mike Weir

Details and specs about the show are below

Photos: Jacob Metzger

Alice in Wonderland was the DeSales University class of 2022's senior capstone project. RJ was chosen as lighting designer and knew that creating an immersive and breathtaking world would take a lot of new technology. RJ also was chosen as the production electrician to oversee the implementation of the vision. The focal point of the show was an 18' tall "portal" to wonderland that sat in line with the Proscenium to take us to Wonderland and bring the characters to the audience's view. This portal was made up of over 4,800 individual RGB pixels and was controlled by a media server connected to the console. The entire system was specd and sourced by RJ as this was only the second time it was used in this space, Crumbs From the Table of Joy was the first. This portal acted as a clock, helped the Cheshire Cat explain the madness in the world, and shined a bright rainbow

The production included:

-12 universes of Artnet for pixel control

-4 universes of DMX

-7 atmospheric machines

-4,800 RGB pixels

-18 moving fixtures

-44 Inteligent fixtures

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